Recommended dosage for PURTIER Placenta Health Supplement

The general recommendation for consuming PURTIER Placenta health supplement for the first month is 4 capsules daily, to be taken at any time of the day, and followed by 2 capsules daily in the subsequent months for a total of 6 months.

You may choose to increase or decrease the dosage according to specific situations and current individual needs.

What is Placenta?

Placenta can be used to repair worn-out tissue in the body.

Each cell in the placenta has a unique gene pattern which enables it to build up its own DNA which is then passed on to the next generation.

In females,  the cells of placenta will build up when the egg is fertilised and cells begin to multiply to form a blastocyst, which then becomes the placenta and baby. Placenta is created from both parents. 

What makes them special is that they have the ability to replicate, develop, and be self-contained; they can also rebuild themselves if needed.

Advantages of Placenta Health Supplement

PURTIER Placenta Health Supplement provides all sorts of benefits, such as:

Shrinkage of facial lines, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Clear skin.

Less puffiness under eyes, neck and chest.

Lower cholesterol level.

A deeper, wider, and more effective voice.

Lower body fat, body fat distribution.

Greater muscle strength.

Hair and skin color improvement.

Additional benefits of PURTIER Placenta Health Supplement :

Natural corrective skin approach.

Natural deep repair of skin approach. Improved blood circulation

Aids the immune system.

Reduces inflammation in the body.

Clears pores and improves skin.

Contains ingredients from the olive oil plant, quercetin, magnesium, and vitamin C, to make the product safe for use.

Dosage for PURTIER Placenta Health Supplement

4 capsules 4 times daily

5 capsules 4 times daily

6 capsules 4 times daily

7 capsules 4 times daily

8 capsules 4 times daily

The dosage for PURTIER Placenta Health Supplement is specified on the following product information, and by the instructions on the label, so it is safe to take it according to its instructions, as prescribed by the manufacturer.

PURTIER Placenta Health Supplement Instructions:

PURTIER Placenta Health Supplement is supplied in a glass bottle, which contains a special blend of capsules, with a picture on the label that indicates the maximum amount of pills you should take each day.


With the Purtier Placenta health supplement, your mother’s aura could return and you could see the effects of a much better aura in the near future.This product is available for everyone as even mothers who are undergoing a difficult childbirth process may also take advantage of this unique placenta supplement.

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